God is our strong refuge; he is truly our helper in times of trouble. For this reason we do not fear when the earth shakes, and the mountains tumble into the depths of the sea, Psalm 46:1-2

Pou chèf sanba yo. Se yon chante pitit Kore yo pou yo chante tou dousman. Se Bondye ki tout pwoteksyon nou, se li menm ki tout fòs nou. Li toujou pare pou ban nou sekou lè nou anba tray. Psalm 46:1-2

Creole Phrases

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Creole is written phonetically. Each letter is pronounced, and each word is spelled as it is pronounced. Creole has only been recognized as the official language of Haiti in the last few years. Therefore, there are many different ways in which the Haitians write and spell Creole words. There is an official standard that has been set, and this standard will be maintained in this publication. The following is a pronunciation guide using this standard; most of the sounds are French.

ch-share chache-to look for
o-claw fo-strong
e-aim ede-to aid, help
ou-you ou-you
e-leg mesi-thank you
r-(not rolled) respire-to breathe
g-go gen-to have
I-see isit-here
s-(always s) prese-in a hurry
j-(avoid the d sound) jou-day
y-yes pye-foot
o-toe zo-bone
There are nasal sounds in Creole just as there are nasal sounds in French, which are pronounced partially through the nose, but without the "n" itself pronounced (a rare exception to the general pronunciation rule of pronouncing every letter). Some English equivalents which come close to the nasal sounds are as follows:

an-alms dan-tooth
en-chopin pen-bread
on-don't bon-good

A. When a nasal sound is followed by another "n", or "m," the nasal sound is pronounced, then the "n" or "m" is pronounced separately.
B. If an accent is placed over the vowel, there is no nasal sound.
C. In never indicates a nasal sound.
The letter c is only used in the ch combination.
The letter k is used for the hard sound.
The letter s is used for the soft sound.

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Bonjou! - Good morning!
Bonswa! - Good afternoon!/Evening! (used after 11 AM)
Komon ou ye? - How are you?
N'ap boule! (most common greeting and response) - Good!
Wi - Yes
yo - they, them
Non - No
Mesi - Thanks
Anmwe! - Help!
Non, mesi - No, thanks
Souple - Please
Merite - You're welcome
Pa gen pwoblem - No problem
Oke - OK
Eskize mwen - Excuse me
Mwen regret sa - I'm sorry
Gen... - There is/are...
Pa genyen! - There is/are not any!
Mwen pa genyen! - I don't have any!
Sekonsa! - That's right!
Piti piti - A little bit
Anpil - A lot
Gen anpil... - There are a lot of...
Isit - Here
La - There
Tout bagay anfom? - Is everything OK?
Pa kounye-a - Not now
Toupatou - Everywhere
Anyen - Nothing
Preske - Almost
Atansyon! - Attention!/Watch out!
Prese prese! - Hurry!
Dife! - Fire!
Rete! - Stop!
Kounye-a - Now
Nou ap chache... - We are looking for...
Souple, ban mwen... - Please give me...
Separe sa ant nou - Divide this among you
Ye - Yesterday
Jodia - Today
Demen - Tomorrow
Maten an - This morning
Apremidi a - This afternoon
Aswe a - This evening
lendi - Monday
madi - Tuesday
mekredi - Wednesday
jedi - Thursday
vandredi - Friday
samdi - Saturday
dimanch - Sunday
Ou byen? - You OK?
Mwen pa two byen - I'm not too well
Mwen malad - I'm sick
Te gen yon aksidan - There was an accident
Nou bezwen yon dokte/yon mis touswit - We need a doctor/a nurse right now
Kote Iopital Ia? - Where is the hospital?
Kote Ii ou fe mal? - Where does it hurt you?
Li ansent - She's pregnant
Mwen pa ka manje/domi - I cannot eat/sleep
Mwengendjare - I have diarrhea
Mwen anvi vonmi - I feel nauseated
Tout ko mwen cho - My whole body is hot
Mwen toudi - I'm dizzy
Nou bezwen pansman/koton - We need bandages/cotton
Mwen bezwen yon bagay pi blese sa a - I need something for this cut
Ou gen SIDA - You have AIDS
Mwen grangou - I'm hungry
Mwen swaf anpil - I'm very thirsty
Nou ta vle manje - We would like to eat
Konben - How much?/How many?
Poukisa? - Why?
Kote? - Where?
Kisa? - What?
Kile? - When?
Ki moun? - Who?
Kijan? - How?
Kiles? - Which?
Eske gen...? - Is/Are there...?
Eske ou gen...? - Do you have...?
Eske ou ka ede nou, souple? - Can you help us please?
Kote nou ka achte...? - Where can we buy...?
Eske ou ka di mwen...? - Can you tell me...?
montre - show
ban - give
Ki moun ki Ia? - Who is there?
Kisa ou vIe? - What do you want?
Kisa ou ta vIa? - What would you like?
Kisa ou ap fe Ia? - What are you doing there?
Kisa sa a ye? - What is that?
Sa k'genyen? - What's the matter?
Kisa pi nou fe? - What must we do?
Eske ou te we...? - Have you seen...?
Eske ou pale angle/franse? - Do you speak English/French?
Ki moun isit ki pale angle? - Who speaks English here?
Ou konprann? - You understand?
Kij an yo rele sa an kreyol? - What do they call that inCreole?
Kij an yo di...an kreyol? - How do they say... in Creole?
Kisa ou bezouen? - What do you need?
Kisa ki rive ou? - What happened to you?
Ki kote li ale? - Where did he go?
Kilaj ou? - How old are you?
Kote ou rete? - Where do you live?
Eske ou gen petit? - Do you have any children?
Kote nou ye? - Where are we?
genyen - to have
chita - to sit
manje - to eat
rete - to stop
kouri - to run
kouche - to lie down
vini - to come
ale/prale - to go
ban - to give
rete trankil - to be quiet
pran - to get, receive
leve - to get up
sede - to give up
touye - to kill
frape - to hit
kache - to hide
konnen - to know
manti - to lie (not truth)
gade - to look
koupe - to cut
kwit-manje, fe-manje - to cook
fimen - to smoke
atake - to attack
ban pemi - to authorize
kri - to shout, yell, scream
achte - to buy
fe-apel - to call, name
netwaye - to clean
femen - to close
fose - to coerce, force
fini - to finish
obeyi - to obey
fe - konfyans - to trust
console - to comfort
pati - to leave, depart
mouri - to die
fe-desen - to draw, sketch
bwe - to drink
tonbe - to drop, fall
mete abo - embark, load, board
atoure - to surround
ranfose - to enforce
ou - you, your
mwen - I, me, my, mine
nou - us, our, you (plural)
Ii - him, her, his, hers

abrasion fwote
abstain (food) pa maje
administer (give) bay
apply pase
affliction maladi
ailing malad
allergy aleji
anesthetize andomi
antibiotic antibyotik
antidote antidot, remed kont pwazon
appendicitis apenndisit
artery, vein venn
assist asiste, ede
basin kivet
bedwetter pisannit
belch rann gaz, degobye
bellyache vant fe mal
bicarbonate bikabonak
bite kout dan (n), mode (v)
bleeding senyen
blow (hit) kou
breathe respire
bronchitis bwonchit
bruise metri
bug ti bet
bump frape (v)
bump on head konkonm, bos
cap (for bottle) bouchon
care for swen, okipe
careful (be careful) veye, fe atansyon
centipede/millipede annipye, milpye, milpat
cervix bouch matris
childbirth akouchman
cirrhosis siwoz
colic kolik
collapse (v) endispoze
congestion konjesyon, toufe
consent konsanti, dako
console rekonfote, bay kouraj
critical (grave) grav
daze, dazed toudi
deceased mouri
dead mouri
dehydrated ko sech, dezidrate
delusion foli
denture atelye, danti
detach detache
diabetes dyabet, sik
diaphragm dyafram
diarrhea djare, dyare
diet rejim
digest dijere, pase nan vant
diphtheria difteri
directions (instructions) eksplikasyon
disinfect dezenfekte
disrobe dezabiye
dislocated dejwente
dizziness toudisman, vetij, tet vire
dosage, dose doz
drain (v) degoute
drainage drenaj
effect efe
electrocardiogram kontwol ke
emaciated meg
enrich, enriched anrichi
epidemic epidemi
epistaxis (nosebleed) nen senyen
exam egzamen
examine (doctor) konsilte
exhaustion kokraz, fatig
expert ekspe, spesyalis
fatigue fatig, febles
feeling sansasyon
fracture kase, fractire
frail enrim
gallbladder fyel
germ mikwob
gonorrhea grantchale
gout lagout
hourly chak ine de tan
hydrogen peroxide dlo oksijene
hygiene ijyen
hypertension tansyon, tansyon wo
hypotension tansyon ba
hysteria krizdene
immobile san mouvman
impossible enposib
improvement alemye, miyo, amelyorasyon, pwogre
incisor dan devan
incurable san gerizon, engerisab
inebriated sou, gri
infected enfekte
infection enfeksyon
influenza gwo grip
injury blese, domaj
insomnia paka domi
inspect enspekte, kontwole
inspection enspeksyon
instruct enstwi, montre
instruction anseyman
invalid malad
iodine yod, tentidyod
irritable rechiya
irritated eksite, irite
isolated izole
jaw machwe
jaundice lajonis
jellyfish lagratel
joint jwenti
keep an eye on boye je sou
kidney ren
kidney stone pye nan ren
knock out blayi, degrennen
knuckle jwenti dwet
laboratory laboratwa
laceration blese
latrine latrin, wate
lessen bese
let (permit) kite, pemet
lethal motel
lethargic feb, manfouben
pathology patoloji
listless molas
loose lache
loosen lage, lesere
lotion krem, losyon
lumpy gen ti boul
membrane manbran
meningitis menenjit
menopause menopoz
migraine migren, tet fe mal
mixture melanj
molar dan deye
motionless san mouvman
mouthwash dezenfektan pou bouch
muscle misk, che
muscular miskle, manbre
nausea gen vomisman
nervous ajite, eneve
nervousness ajitasyon, enevyman
newborn nouvone, fek fet
nosebleed nen senyen
nostril two nen, narin
nourishing nourisan
obstruction angoje, bouche
occupation ikipasyon, metye
operate on fe operasyon, opere sou
optician optisyen
organ ogan, pati
orthopedist otopedis
ovary ove
overdose twop remed
overdue anreta
overnight pase nwit
overweight two gwa
ovulation ovilasyon
oxygen oksijen
p.m. apremidi 12-6, diswa 7-12
painful fe mal
painkiller kalman, remed pou doule
painless san penn, san doule
palpitate bat
palpitation palpitasyon, batman
pancreas pankre
panic panic, panike (v)
paralyze paralize
parasite parazit
pediatrician pedyat, dokte timoun
payment peyman
penicillin pinisilin
personal prive
perspiration swe
pharmacist famasyen
phobia lape, laperez
plastic surgery chiriji estetik
posture posti, kanpe
powerful fo, pisan
premature avan le, prematire
prementrual anvan reg
prenatal avan nesans
pressure presyon
preventable evitab
probably siman
procedure pwosede
prolong pwolonje, lonje
prostate glann pwostat
psychiatric sikyatrik
psychiatrist sikyat
pulmonary pilmone, nan poumon
pulse pul, batmanke
purify pirifye, dezenfekte
pus pi
quarantine karanten
quickly vit, byen vit
quiet trankil, san bri
rabies raj, laraj
radiation reyonnman
radiograph (v) radyografye, fe radyografi
rash, heat rash gratel, chofi
reaction reyakson
reassure rasire
recline kouche
records (file) dosye, dokiman
rectum rektom, twou deye
reddened wouji
refill (v) replen
reflex refleks
refusal refi
relapse tonbe malad anko
relationship relasyon
release (from hospital) bay egzeyat
respiration respirasyon, souf
respond reponn
rest (relax) poze
pee (urinate) fe pipi, irinen, pise
rheumatism rimatis
rhythm kadans
rickets rachitis
right-handed dwatye
rigid rijid, red
ringworm lateng
rock (v) bakile, balanse
roll over vire sou lot bo
routine woutin
safely byen, san male
sanatorium sanatoryom
sane sen, gen bon tet
save (keep) sere
scabies gal
scald chode
scream rel, rele (v), kriye (v)
scrotum sak grenn
scrub foubi
seizure kriz
seriously seryezman
severely grav
severity severite
sex m/f seks
sex (have sex) fe baygay, kouche
sickness maladi
sinus sinis
sleep with kouche ak
sleeping nan domi
sleepy gen domi nan je
smallpox veret
smelly santi
sore throat, laryngitis goj fe mal, anwe
perm dechay, jem
spine rel do
spleen larat
spot tach
sprain antos
stammer bege
sternum bisket
stomach ache vant fe mal
suddenly sibitman, briskeman
suffer soufri
suffering soufrans
suffocate (v) toufe
suffocation etoufman
survive siviv, pase
tablespoon gwo kiye
take off clothes dezabiye
technique teknik
tenderness tandres
tepid tyed
term tem, limit
therapy tretman
thermometer temomet
thorax pwatrin, lestormak
throb bat
throw up rejte, vomi
thrush chit
tibia zo janm
ticklish sansib
tingling pikotman
tinnitus tande bri nan zorey
tiredness fatig
toilet wate, latrin
topical remed po
touth dan
toxicity toksisite
tran (v) montre, antrene
tranquilizer kalman, trankilizan
transfer transfere
transfuse bay san
transfusion transfizyon
transmissible transmisib
transmission transmisyon
treatable ki kapab trete
triceps trisep, misk deye ponyet
trimester trimes, chak twa mwa
turn around virewon
twisted tode, kokobe
ulcer ilse
uncap ouvri
unclothed dezabiye
uncommon ra
uncooked kri, san kwit
uncross dekwaze
underarm anba bra
underdeveloped soudevlope, rasi (child)
undernourished malnouri
underweight meg, pa peze ase
undigested pa dijere
uneducated malapri
unhealthy malsen
upper part anle
ureter iret, kanal marasa
urgency, emergency ijans
use (v) sevi
vagina bobot, vajin
vaginal discharge pet blanch
vague vag
vaporizer vaporizate
variable chanje, varyab
varicose vein varies
vegetative vejetatif, sans konensans
vein, artery venn
venereal veneryen
venom pwazon
ventilate ayere, vante
ventricle vantrikil
vertebra veteb, zo do
violence byolans
virgin vyej, ti fi
virus viris
vision good/bad we byen/we mal
visitor visite
visual vizyel
vital enpotan, vital
vocal chord kod vokal
vomiting vomisman
vulva pati fi, bouboun
waist tay, senti
ward (surgical) sal chiriji
warm tyed (adj), chofe (v)
warmth chale
warning avetisman
wart veri
watch over veye
weight loss pedi pwa
wet nurse nouris
womb matris
wonderful meveye
x-ray radyografi
yawn baye
yaws pyan
you are welcome padkwa, ou merite
yourself ou menm