God is our strong refuge; he is truly our helper in times of trouble. For this reason we do not fear when the earth shakes, and the mountains tumble into the depths of the sea, Psalm 46:1-2

Pou chèf sanba yo. Se yon chante pitit Kore yo pou yo chante tou dousman. Se Bondye ki tout pwoteksyon nou, se li menm ki tout fòs nou. Li toujou pare pou ban nou sekou lè nou anba tray. Psalm 46:1-2

Friday, March 5, 2010

Traffic in Port au Prince is... challanging

So we all get up around 5am to get ready for the bus ride to the airport. Except for Ernie who got up around 3am to administer anesthesia for an emergency c-section. We knew it would take hours to get to the airport and the traffic is absolutely horrible. Fridays are even worse and we just couldn't be late for our flights. Its a good thing we left early. Our bus crash is better described as a fender bender but it was all the excitement we could stand, with a loud bang! Lots of screeching tires followed by several minutes of trying to get the bus and the SUV separated. Then we had to get the bus driver and the SUV driver separated. No one got hurt and all the damage to the bus was cosmetic. What a way to end the week!

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