God is our strong refuge; he is truly our helper in times of trouble. For this reason we do not fear when the earth shakes, and the mountains tumble into the depths of the sea, Psalm 46:1-2

Pou chèf sanba yo. Se yon chante pitit Kore yo pou yo chante tou dousman. Se Bondye ki tout pwoteksyon nou, se li menm ki tout fòs nou. Li toujou pare pou ban nou sekou lè nou anba tray. Psalm 46:1-2

Monday, February 1, 2010

Some of the details are coming together

It looks like the dates are set... February 26th through March 5th. I know Joline and Mary Ann are hard at work getting all of the details nailed down with the good folks at Cure International. We should be getting the airline reservations done in the next couple of days. I'm going to try to get this blog going and make up a mission statement; some stated purpose for the team and I to focus on... maybe a bible verse?

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